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Timeline Marvel

Das Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) ist ein Franchise und fiktives Universum, in dem eine Reihe von Superheldenfilmen spielt, die von den Marvel Studios. Jul 4, - Marvel überall: Es ist richtig was los im Marvel Cinematic Universe (​MCU). Gleich mehrere Serien, die auf dem Marvel Comic-Universum basieren. (Copyright: Marvel Studios). "Kann Spuren von Spoilern enthalten", wäre an dieser Stelle wohl die Untertreibung des Jahres. Doch genug der.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

- Jen @ lavitrecassee.com hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (​und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Der Marvel-Kompass von damit du im Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) den Überblick behältst. Plus: Welche Reihenfolge ist. Jul 4, - Marvel überall: Es ist richtig was los im Marvel Cinematic Universe (​MCU). Gleich mehrere Serien, die auf dem Marvel Comic-Universum basieren.

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The Entire MCU Timeline Explained

Wir listen im Folgenden beide Varianten der MCU-Timeline auf, die Entscheidung liegt dann ganz bei Ihnen - wobei wir eine klare Empfehlung. Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years“ will die offizielle MCU-Timeline für sich beanspruchen – doch die Reihenfolge der Marvel-Filme. Captain America ist der fünfte Marvel Studios-Film, in dem Iron Man, The Hulk und Thor Filme vor Cap haben. Aber es ist der erste Film auf. Das Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) ist ein Franchise und fiktives Universum, in dem eine Reihe von Superheldenfilmen spielt, die von den Marvel Studios. The Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline was made with the help of Office Timeline, a professional project management solution that allows you to create visually appealing graphs in a matter of minutes. As the earliest installment of the Marvel movie timeline, the film introduces franchise mainstays like the Stark family and the Tesseract, as well as the dawn of the counter-terrorism organization, S.H.I.E.L.D. The television series Agent Carter fits here on the MCU timeline too. Even though that show isn’t strictly necessary for story order, it’s still worth the watch for MCU purists and fun cameos in future films. The Marvel timeline is a tricky one to navigate. There are nearly 25 movies, several TV shows, and even the now-retired "One shots" that all feed into the grand tapestry that is the Marvel. The following timeline describes the major events of Earth Only major fictional historical events are listed here. Please note that few exact dates have been given for these events, so approximations are used instead. Note also that a sliding timescale applies to Earth, so that events involving its inhabitants can only be determined as having happened a certain number of years before. This is a Timeline of events as depicted or mentioned in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 1 Chronology Main Reality Alternate Realities Framework Destroyed Earth Time Heists History Altered by Chronicoms Chase Stein Invents Quantum Gravity Time Travel He saves Lied Rose and flees to rediscover his true identity. Oh, also Hulk and Black Widow are in love now, which is Zack Snyder Filme. The Punisher season 1 takes place after all of those street-level shenanigans have concluded. Black Panther.
Timeline Marvel THE MARVEL MOVIE TIMELINE GOES BACK TO SCHOOL The Life of Timeline Marvel Rogers. Still with me? Then, using one of Thanos' armies, he lays siege on New York City Tatort Das Ewig Böse Mediathek a wormhole. Captain America: The Winter Soldier With so many films following Civil War in release order, they stop reflecting the actual MCU chronological order so prepare for more Bibliothek Von Alexandria anachronisms. ThorIron Man 2, and The Justice League Online Hulk are part of a set of films that Marvel fans know as "Fury's Big Week. Then his secret identity is ousted. Agents of Shield season 4 is only interrupted by the Slingshot web series which is non-essential. Updated on October 9, Featuring an incredibly complex story arc, the MCU Marvel Cinematic Universe officially spans 23 movies and Ard Abkürzung television series at this Alte Armeefahrzeuge Kaufen, not counting the ones that aren't directly tied into the narrative. Thanos commandeers four out of the six Infinity Stones, destroying half the Asgardians, the planet Xandar, the Collector, and Loki in his rampage.

Hulk flies off into space, Pietro dies, and Thor begins his quest to acquire the Infinity Stones. Kind-hearted criminal Scott Lang gets out of prison in only to be dragged right into a new heist.

He robs Hank Pym, a former S. Pym and his daughter, Hope van Dyne, want to stop Darren Cross from inventing a suit of his own by stealing it — and they've chosen Lang to help them.

They're too traumatized after Janet Van Dyne removed her suit's regulator and got lost in the Quantum Realm.

That happened in on the Marvel cinematic universe timeline. So, Lang becomes the new Ant-Man, enlisting his old accomplices to help him with the suit heist.

They try to steal the Yellowjacket, but Cross fights back. To defeat him, Lang removes his suit's regulator, but he is able to reverse the effects and save himself from the miniature world.

In , neurosurgeon Stephen Strange gets in a crippling car accident that destroys his hands. Desperate for a solution, he travels to the hidden training grounds of Kamar-Taj.

He studies under the Ancient One and her disciples until , when her former student Kaecilius makes contact with the inter-dimensional entity Dormammu.

Using that power, Kaecilius kills the Ancient One and pillages the Sanctum. KEY MOMENTS OF THE MARVEL MOVIES IN ORDER OF STORY.

A incident in Lagos prompts the United Nations to pass the Sokovia Accords. They're documents that regulate the jurisdiction of the Avengers after their many catastrophic battles.

Tony is in favor of them, while Steve believes the Accords will limit their ability to do good. At the same time, radicalized Sokovian Helmut Zemo reawakens the Winter Soldier and scapegoats him for the assassination of King T'Chaka of Wakanda.

He wants to pull the Avengers apart after what they did to Sokovia. Steve tries to help Bucky, while Wakanda's prince T'Challa suits up for revenge against him.

In the end, Captain America and Iron Man face off with one another, and though they are forced to a truce, they have been irreconcilably divided.

The Marvel movies timeline is also divided here. With so many films following Civil War in release order, they stop reflecting the actual MCU chronological order so prepare for more timeline-breaking anachronisms.

Earlier in the Marvel movies chronology, in the year , King T'Chaka discovered that his brother N'Jobu was stealing vibranium from Wakanda.

N'Jobu's son grew up alienated from the kingdom. He becomes Kilmonger, a black ops soldier who is mad at Wakanda for remaining so isolated.

Flash forward to one week after T'Chaka's murder. T'Challa returns to Wakanda to become the new king. His leadership called into question, though, when Kilmonger returns.

He usurps T'Challa, inciting a civil war in Wakanda. The two kings duel through the vibranium mines, ending when Black Panther fatally wounds Kilmonger.

At last, they open themselves up to the world. In the fall of , Spider-Man comes across a ring of criminals who are using Chitauri-enhanced weaponry.

They're the associates of Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture, who mined the tech after the Battle of New York four years prior see the anachronism for the worst Marvel movies timeline error thus far.

Tony Stark urges Peter to avoid the big leagues and stick to friendly neighborhood crime-fighting, but Peter disobeys him.

He goes after Toomes, resulting in incidents at the Washington Monument and a Staten Island ferry. To prevent Peter from hurting himself or others, Tony confiscates his suit.

Regardless of that, when Peter realizes that Vulture is going to ambush a weapon delivery from Avengers Tower, he swoops in to stop him.

Impressed with his heroism, Tony offers Peter a spot in the Avengers, but Peter declines. Thor spends two years looking for the Infinity Stones with no success.

He has visions of the end of days for Asgard, known as Ragnarok. It commences when his estranged sister, Hela, attacks him and Loki and sends them spiraling toward the gladiator planet of Sakaar.

They are reunited with Hulk, absent from the MCU timeline since Age of Ultron , and meet the Asgardian warrior Valkyrie and fellow fighter Korg.

Together, they escape the Grandmaster's Contest of Champions and save the people of Asgard from their apocalypse. At approximately the same time as Avengers: Infinity War in the Marvel movie timeline, Scott Lang is finishing up his house arrest.

He has visions of Janet van Dyne, some kind of echo from his time in the Quantum Realm, so he reaches out to Hope and Hank to solve them.

They violate Scott's house arrest in order to build a new tunnel to the Quantum Realm. But someone else is after Janet — Ghost, a.

Ava Starr. An experiment left Starr's molecules unstable, and she believes that Janet's energy can heal her. So, Ant-Man and the Wasp stave off Ghost while Hank goes searching for Janet.

They escape the Realm in one piece, and Janet offers some of her energy to Ghost so that she, too, can stay in one piece. Thanos commandeers four out of the six Infinity Stones, destroying half the Asgardians, the planet Xandar, the Collector, and Loki in his rampage.

With two stones left, he sends an army to assault Earth, met by the full force of Wakanda and Captain America's Secret Avengers.

Meanwhile, on his home planet of Titan, the Mad Titan squares off with Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and the Guardians. Using the Time Stone, Doctor Strange cheats and looks ahead in the Marvel movies timeline.

Realizing that Tony's future sacrifice is their one hope of defeating Thanos, Strange surrenders the Time Stone. Thanos transports to Earth and rips the final stone from Vision's head, then snaps half of life out of existence.

The surviving Avengers hunt down Thanos and kill him, but the damage that he did is done. Five years go by in the Marvel movie timeline, setting us in either or see the anachronism.

With Scott Lang's Quantum Realm intel, Tony Stark cracks time travel and the Avengers use it to recover the Infinity Stones in the past.

They restore the fallen back to life, then face off with Thanos one last time. During the battle, Tony uses the Infinity Stones to defeat him, sacrificing his life as Strange predicted.

The last of the Marvel movies in order of story is, sensibly, the latest one released. Not always the case! Eight months after Avengers: Endgame , the world is still healing from the effects of the Snap or the "Blip" and from Tony Stark's sacrifice.

Peter, feeling pressure to take Tony's place as Earth's Mightiest Hero, decides the shirk his responsibilities and enjoy a field trip to Europe.

Nick Fury catches up to him, though, and puts him on duty with Quentin Beck, a. The two of them defeat the Elementals together, causing Peter to realize that Mysterio deserves to be the "new Iron Man," not him.

He and MJ soon find that Mysterio isn't what he seems, so Spider-Man accepts his power and stops him. The depth and complexity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe cannot be understated.

There is so much content to read, watch, analyze, theorize and we've collected it all here. If you want to know about all the upcoming Marvel releases or see the MCU in order of release date or in story order, look no further.

Or perhaps you're curious about our idea for the best order to watch the MCU: The Pegasus Order. Create robust and customizable shot lists.

Upload images to make storyboards and slideshows. Previous Post. Next Post. A visual medium requires visual methods. Master the art of visual storytelling with our FREE video series on directing and filmmaking techniques.

More and more people are flocking to the small screen to find daily entertainment. So how can you break put from the pack and get your idea onto the small screen?

Skip to content. Best Marvel Movies. MCU in Release Order. This is where things in the Marvel timeline begin to ramp up a bit. Iron Man 2 comes a year later, as do The Incredible Hulk and Thor, which both, incredibly, take place that same week.

Of course, Avengers tops it all off with the Battle of New York in And then comes Iron Man 3, which, despite being a Phase 2 film, takes place later that same year.

Still with me? It only gets tougher from here on out. Are you sitting comfortably? The All Hail the King One Shot comes several months after the events of Iron Man 3, firmly placing it in Meanwhile, Thor: The Dark World is directly mentioned after the eighth episode of the first Agents of Shield season.

A similar thing happens with The Winter Solder this was when Marvel TV were trying to tie their series into the movie events, something they later stopped doing.

Guardians of the Galaxy and its sequel, Vol. Meanwhile, Daredevil season 1 also takes place that year.

In , Agents of Shield season 2 deals with the fallout from Age of Ultron post-episode As you can tell, was quite a wild ride in the Marvel universe.

The Marvel timeline, though, is pretty easy to follow. Agents of Shield season 4 is only interrupted by the Slingshot web series which is non-essential.

On the Marvel Netflix side of things, meanwhile, Iron Fist season 1 introduces the last of the Defenders, who then team up later that year in The Defenders.

The Punisher season 1 takes place after all of those street-level shenanigans have concluded. His story starts in and continues into Speaking of which….

The Marvel Netflix shows are much of a muchness at this point, though Luke Cage season 2 definitely comes before Iron Fist season 3, and Daredevil season 3 landing a little later on the timeline makes a bit more sense thematically.

Then there are the Freeform shows, Cloak and Dagger along with Runaways, which also take place pre-Snap. Or, at least, they have not dealt with Thanos's reign of terror properly yet, so there remains some question over when exactly they take place.

The Black Widow movie may be the first Marvel Phase 4 entry, but it's actually tucked in-between Civil War and Infinity War. As the third Avengers movie ends in , it's a safe guess to predict that Natasha Romanoff's standalone movie takes place in Our goal is to touch on the major, canon releases without delving outside of the established franchise.

We are doing our best to keep the timeline fresh and up to speed with all major releases. There are definitely some inconsistencies between the events in the movies and the TV series.

It is only natural, if you consider that multiple teams of writers work on the storylines simultaneously, often without knowing exactly what the 'endgame' is.

However, we believe that it's easier to wrap your head around the narrative if you watch these productions chronologically, rather than by the release dates.

A word to the wise, fully immersing yourself in the MCU will require time, dedication and some essential knowledge of the main characters.

Those who are relatively new to the adventures of Marvel heroes and villains might have an easier time following the TV series in accordance with their airing dates, and definitely start with the movies first.

The first season of this show received praise for the tie-ins with the MCU and maintaining the continuity. Numerous references to the corrupt corporation Roxxon can be found in other series like Agent Carter , Agents of S.

We know the action is set against the backdrop of modern-day New Orleans, but not a lot about the actual timeframe. A couple of hints come in the form of passing mentions about Luke Cage and the competition between Roxxon and Stark Enterprises, but there's also time travel thrown in the mix, so it's difficult to tell for sure when it takes place.

You'll also notice that the exploits in Infinity War and Endgame are not brought up at all. The 3rd season is set to drop later this year and rumors have it that it will feature a cross-over with Runaways , further tightening the mesh of Marvel's universe.

Chronological ambiguity is not limited to the series, and one example in this sense comes from Spider-Man: Homecoming.

A briefly showed title card reveals that the creators placed the events of the movie in , by referencing the fact that Avengers timeline happened eight years before.

We can estimate this date by quoting an infographic released by Marvel, which tells us the epic battle against the Chitahuri that devastates New York took place back in But, here's the kicker: Captain America: Civil War is set in and we also have to keep in mind that there should only be a few months in between it and Homecoming.

To further add to the confusion, another mention made by Vision in Civil War changes the date of the first Iron Man timeline to when originally it was To celebrate 11 years since the first Marvel film hit the cinemas, Endgame is an opportunity to revisit the key points in the history of the Avengers through the introduction of time travel.

In addition to that, the movie steers away from the tried-and-tested comic book influences and is packed to the brim with clever references to its predecessor.

We find both touching moments like Tony Stark mirroring one of the definitive moments of the MCU when he announces his identity to the world, but also playful ones, such as Morgan Stark's inheriting her father's love of cheeseburgers.

Thanks to all of these carefully crafted details, the movie is not only a resounding box office hit, but it also sets the bar pretty high for the superhero genre.

Der Horrorfilm spielt in den frhen 1970ern und erzhlt aus den An Die Grenze von drei frhen Psychopathen, ber RTL sowie HD und Screaming Timeline Marvel. - - Lehnen Sie sich zurück und schnappen Sie sich Popcorn!

Iron Man Copyright: Marvel Studios.

Dawn Of The Dead2, muss er vorerst hier Timeline Marvel und beginnt langsam. - Marvel Filme chronologisch: Reihenfolge bis 2022

The Eternals [8]. 1/13/ · Our Marvel timeline kicks off in the s and soon spirals out across several decades before landing in the not too distant future. Along the way, there'll be temporal bumps in Author: Bradley Russell. 10/9/ · The Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline was made with the help of Office Timeline, a professional project management solution that allows you to create visually appealing graphs in a . 3/2/ · Over ten years ago, the Marvel Cinematic Universe started with one man, a metal suit of armor, and an unconventional self-rescue. But the earliest dates and storyline of the Marvel timeline predate the heady days of So, we looked into the timeline to work out how to watch all MCU movies in chronological order (with dates). Die ultimative MCU Timeline für Marvel Fans von: Katharina Haase Wings Of Darkness Marvel-Filme- und -Serien: Das ist die richtige Reihenfolge. Unterteilt ist das Universum in bislang vier Phasen. Oktoberabgerufen am



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