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Broadchurch Cast

TV-Serie, Krimi von James Strong, Paul Andrew Williams, Euros Lyn mit David Tennant, Olivia Colman. Bald verbreitet sich Angst, dass ein Serienvergewaltiger in Broadchurch unterwegs sein könnte. (Text: 13th Street). Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Mi ​ SPECIAL FEATURES: Behind the Scenes Series One, The Making of Broadchurch Series Two, How We Made the Broadchurch Trilogy, Cast and Crew​.

Cast Broadchurch S03

Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 2 von Broadchurch: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. - David Tennant, Olivia Colman and cast in Broadchurch. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 3 von Broadchurch: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

Broadchurch Cast Schauspiel Video

alec hardy being a mood for 12 minutes

Michelle erkennt, als Broadchurch Cast gestorben is. - Film: Cast & Crew

Richterin Sonia Sharma 1 Fan. Broadchurch: David Tennant, Andrew Buchan, Arthur Darvill, Eve Myles, Olivia Colman, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Charlotte Rampling, Sarah Parish Broadchurch - Cast, Crew and Credits - Search. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Broadchurch with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at Broadchurch won the award for best Crime Drama at National Television Awards in early This was the first year the award was presented and Broadchurch was competing against Sherlock, Line of Duty and Little Boy Blue. Broadchurch - Full Cast & Crew. 84 Metascore; ; 3 seasons ITV Drama TV14 Watchlist. Where to Watch. Director 5 Credits. James Strong. 24 Episodes Euros Lyn. 24 Episodes Broadchurch is a British serial crime drama television series broadcast on ITV for three series between and It was created by Chris Chibnall, who acted as an executive producer and wrote all 24 episodes, and produced by Kudos Film and Television and Imaginary Friends. Der elfjährige Junge Danny Latimer wird eines Tages tot unter den Klippen des südenglischen Küstenstädtchens Broadchurch aufgefunden. Das Verbrechen erschüttert die gesamte Gemeinschaft, woraufhin Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller und Detective. Broadchurch (in der Schweiz: Broadchurch – Ein Dorf unter Verdacht) ist eine britische In: April , abgerufen am 2. Juli ↑ Nelly Hime: Broadchurch Season 3 Plot Details, Cast and New Teaser, Broadchurch Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Olivia Colman, David Tennant, Andrew Buchan u.v.m. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 2 von Broadchurch: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.
Broadchurch Cast

Dean Thomas 6 episodes, Trevor Smith 6 episodes, Cate Gillespie 6 episodes, Ricky Gillespie 6 episodes, Michael Lucas 5 episodes, Jack Marshall 5 episodes, David Barrett 5 episodes, Lisa Newbery 5 episodes, CS Elaine Jenkinson 4 episodes, Tess Henchard 4 episodes, Pete Lawson 4 episodes, Nicky Smith 4 episodes, Sahana Harrison 3 episodes, Chief Superintendent Clark 3 episodes, Charlie 3 episodes, Daniel 3 episodes, Laura Benson 3 episodes, Len Danvers 3 episodes, Laurie 3 episodes, Arthur Tamworth 3 episodes, Fred Miller 3 episodes, Lizzie Latimer 2 episodes, WPC Stewart 2 episodes, Caroline Hughes 2 episodes, Aaron Mayford 2 episodes, Jenna Mayford 2 episodes, Danielle Lawrence 2 episodes, Dana 2 episodes, Alex the Muso 2 episodes, Sarah Elsey 2 episodes, Jonah Bishop 2 episodes, Gary Thorp 2 episodes, Vince 2 episodes, Laura 1 episode, Chaz Moore 1 episode, Tiffany Evans 1 episode, Anna Palmer 1 episode, Alan 1 episode, Malek Dunton 1 episode, Nira 1 episode, Linda 1 episode, Ultrasound Nurse 1 episode, Kevin Green 1 episode, Margery Knight 1 episode, Andrew Darlington 1 episode, Angela 1 episode, Nick Foulkes 1 episode, Adhika 1 episode, Gehe zu:.

Olivia Colman. DS Ellie Miller 57 Fans. Bekannt für. The Favourite. Fan werden. David Tennant. DI Alec Hardy Fans. Good Omens. Andrew Buchan.

Mark Latimer 2 Fans. May und das Flüstern der Ewigkeit. Jodie Whittaker. Beth Latimer 26 Fans. Doctor Who. Susan Brown. Liz Roper 3 Fans. List of Broadchurch episodes.

James Strong. Chris Chibnall. DS Ellie Miller is upset when Superintendent Jenkinson hires Alec Hardy to the DI position Miller wanted.

Eleven-year-old Danny Latimer is found dead at the base of cliffs overlooking the local beach. The Scenes of Crime Officer tells Hardy that the crime scene was altered to look like an accident, and the pathologist reports that Danny was strangled.

Karen White, reporter for national newspaper The Daily Herald , arrives in town, seeking an exclusive on the death. Ellie tells her son, Tom, about Danny's death, and Tom removes messages and files from his mobile phone and computer to remove evidence.

Local reporter Olly unwittingly provides Karen with a link to Chloe Latimer, and CCTV footage shows Danny skateboarding down the High Street on the night of his murder.

Ellie notes that Danny's smartphone and skateboard were not recovered at the crime scene and are missing. At a press conference at the local school, Hardy asks the public for its help in solving the crime and pledges to find Danny's killer.

Newsagent Jack Marshall tells Hardy that he saw Danny arguing with a postman a few weeks back, which the postman, who has an alibi for the night of Danny's death, denies.

Telephone worker Steve Connelly claims psychic knowledge that a boat was involved in the death, and unsettles Hardy with information about a pendant.

Danny's social media messages show conflict in the family. Video footage shows that Mark was at the clifftop on the night of Danny's death, contrary to what he had previously told the police, and provides an unconvincing explanation, making Hardy suspicious, especially when his fingerprints are found in Danny's blood in a nearby hut.

Mark is again questioned by police and claims he had fixed a burst pipe in the hut some weeks earlier, which caretaker Susan later denies.

He tells them that he was with his work colleague Nigel Carter on the night of Danny's death: Nigel attempts to support Mark's alibi, but his mother undermines this.

Ellie finds blood on Mark's fishing boat, which he explains as having happened when Danny had an accident on the boat. The interview becomes bad tempered, and Mark is arrested for obstructing the investigation.

Questioned by Hardy, Tom says that Danny had told him that he had been hit by his father during fits of bad temper. Hardy's doctor advises him to leave the job for the sake of his health, and Karen reveals she is interested in the case because of Hardy's failure in the Sandbrook case: there is anger between them over that case.

Becca, having been contacted by Chloe, tells the police that Mark was having sex with her the night Danny died.

Coates proposes a memorial service and Steve tells Beth that he has a spirit-message from Danny, claiming he was killed in a boat by someone close to the family.

Hardy wants to stage a reconstruction, but Ellie is unhappy about his suggestion that Tom take part in it.

A boat is found burning at sea. Ellie lets slip to Beth that Becca was Mark's alibi for where he was on the night of the murder.

Hair is found on the burned boat that is later found to be Danny's. Olly discovers Jack was jailed years before for sex with a minor, and so the police question Jack, who has no alibi.

After being challenged by Ellie over her false denial of Mark working in the chalet, Susan confronts Nigel, who angrily tells her to stay away. Beth tries to get the police to take Steve more seriously, but they reveal that he is a convicted criminal and warn him to stay away.

Hardy and Ellie question Coates, who discloses Danny and Tom's interest in computers: he also has no alibi. Olly confronts Jack: Nigel, witnessing their argument, tells Mark.

After a meal with Ellie and Joe, Hardy passes out at the hotel. Becca takes him to the hospital, but Hardy checks himself out, returning to work.

Lucy is revealed to have financial problems. Jack brings Danny's phone to the Latimers, and says that whatever they may hear about him, they should know that he is innocent.

Ellie discovers that a similar killing happened in Yorkshire some years earlier when Jack lived in the area; Jack is seen burning photos of Danny.

The reconstruction, featuring Tom, is staged and is on national television news. Beth confronts Mark about his adultery, telling him that she is pregnant: she later attacks Becca's property and warns her to stay away from the family.

This is witnessed by Paul, who has become aware of Becca's debts and a threat from her bank to repossess the hotel.

At Karen's suggestion, Olly writes an article about Jack's past, and they spend the night together. Mark confirms the phone is Danny's, but Ellie says Danny also owned a smartphone which is still missing.

Potentially identifiable cigarette butts found near Danny's body come to light. Ellie refuses to give her sister Lucy money in return for information.

Karen and Olly's story is sensationalised by the editor, and suspicion of Jack becomes widespread; Jack does not co-operate with Hardy and Ellie.

Jack explains to the police that he was imprisoned for an affair with a year-old girl: they married when he was released, but the police refuse him protection.

Olly reports that his family's boat is missing, and forensics determine that this is the boat that was burned: Ellie rejects an invitation for a drink with the forensics officer.

A mob, lead by Nige, confronts Jack, but Mark intervenes. Jack gives Mark further details of his marriage: they had a son who died in a car accident caused by Jack's wife, and they later separated.

Mark, who slept with Beth when she was 15 and seeing that both men are grieving for lost sons, advises Jack to leave Broadchurch for his own protection.

After his car is vandalised, and when the story of his marriage is in the news, Jack commits suicide. Hardy is having nightmares about the case, increasing medical problems, and is being criticised in the press.

At Jack's funeral, Coates accuses the town of failing an innocent man. Hardy sees Coates touching Tom at the reception, and when he tries to ask questions, Tom is interrupted by Joe.

Joe jokes with Ellie about him being among the few who are not suspects. Tom angrily tells Chloe he was not Danny's best friend.

Danny's hair, fingerprints, and paint chips matching his skateboard are found on the burned boat; it transpires that the boat had been used by many people, including Mark, Nige, Tom with Joe's knowledge, but not Ellie's , Danny, and Coates.

Hardy confronts Coates over his alcoholic past and a previous assault on a child, and their mutual dislike is evident.

Beth meets Cate, the mother of one of the murdered girls from the Sandbrook case, who tells her not to trust Hardy. Some weeks after Danny's death, the Latimers are trying to adjust to life, and appear to be becoming closer: Beth has apparently decided to proceed with her pregnancy.

Maggie has uncovered information, unrevealed to the viewer but relating to her husband and children, about Susan, who gives Tom Danny's skateboard; when Ellie learns of this, Susan is arrested and refuses to answer any questions until she knows what has happened to her dog, which has been taken by Nigel.

Coates catches Tom, who had previously asked whether deleted files could be recovered, destroying his laptop. A break-in at the summer house leads Hardy and Ellie on a footchase with an unidentified suspect, which ends when Hardy collapses.

Hardy again discharges himself, but is to be examined by the police's medical officer. Maggie and Olly pressure him into giving them an interview in which he says that his ex-wife accidentally lost key evidence in Sandbrook case, but he took the blame to protect their teenage daughter: the evidence was the pendant about which Steve had previously disturbed Hardy.

The cigarettes found by the body were Susan's, but she has a verified alibi for the time of the murder: she had found the body on an early morning walk, but not reported it.

She tells Ellie why she mistrusts the police and press: her husband had sexually abused their two daughters and killed one of them, later killing himself in prison.

Susan was pregnant at the time she was being investigated for her involvement in those events, and the baby was removed from her for adoption.

Susan tells Ellie she saw Nigel arrive in a boat and leave Danny's body and skateboard on the beach. Susan reveals Nigel is her son, believing he has taken after his father.

Nigel claims he was poaching the night Danny died, and Hardy gives him news clippings of his birth family.

Susan and Nigel are released on bail, Nigel threatens Susan, who leaves Broadchurch. Beth and Mark seek counselling from Coates, debating whether to keep their baby.

Hardy learns Danny's smartphone was used to report the summer house break-in. Dean tells the Latimers he went hunting a number of times with Danny and Nigel, which Nigel claimed Mark and Beth had condoned although neither knew of it.

Footprints matching Nigel's size are found at the summer house. Hardy asks Ellie about Tom and Danny's fight, of which she knew nothing, and, knowing that it is not in her home, he asks her to bring the laptop in.

After a medical, Hardy is given until the end of the day to finish his placement. Ellie pays Lucy to reveal she saw a man place a bag of clothes into a skip the night Danny died it was later shown that it was a wheelie bin.

Nigel is re-arrested. Hardy asks Tom if he had killed Danny, and Joe terminates the interview. Danny's smartphone is switched back on, and Hardy traces its signal to the Millers' house.

Joe confesses to killing Danny and a flashback reveals that Joe had been meeting Danny secretly at the summer house.

Danny feared that Joe wanted to make the relationship sexual, and threatened to tell his father, and Joe accidentally strangled him in a temper.

He placed Danny's body and skateboard on the beach, and attempted to remove evidence; the fire on the boat is not explained. Hardy informs Ellie, who confronts Joe in a rage before being restrained, and moves into a hotel with her children, telling Tom what happened, while Hardy tells the Latimers about Joe.

At a press conference, Hardy announces the arrest of a local man, and asks the press for constraint, but Lucy tells Olly, and Karen soon comes to know.

Mark confronts Joe in his cell, and Beth challenges Ellie. Laura Benson Kelly Gough Episoden : 4 - 5 - 7.

Anna Palmer Andrea Hall Episode : 1. Clive Lucas Sebastian Armesto Episoden : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8. David Barrett Roy Hudd Episoden : 1 - 3 - 4 - 6 - 8.

Sarah Elsey Charlotte Lucas Episoden : 3 - 4. Caroline Hughes Mariah Gale Episoden : 2 - 7. Broadchurch: David Bradley stars in season 1 Image: ITV.

Broadchurch cast: Vicky McClure starred in season 1 Image: ITV. Joe Miller - Matthew Gravelle Welsh actor Matthew Gravelle took on the part of the unassuming paramedic Joe Miller, who was married to detective Ellie.

Oliver "Olly" Stevens - Jonathan Bailey Jonathan Bailey played by cocky local journalist Oliver Stevens, who was trying to get to the truth of the biggest story ever to rock Broadchurch only to find himself thwarted by a national newspaper reporter.

Karen White - Vicky McClure Vicky McClure played the cunning and underhand journalist Karen White, who was sniffing around Broadchurch for the real story.

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Broadchurch - Full Cast & Crew. 84 Metascore; ; 3 seasons ITV Drama TV14 Watchlist. Where to Watch. Director 5 Credits. James Strong. 24 Number Of Seasons: 3.  · Broadchurch cast: Vicky McClure starred in season 1 (Image: ITV) Joe Miller - Matthew Gravelle Welsh actor Matthew Gravelle took on the part of the unassuming paramedic Joe Miller, who was married. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. David Tennant. Rolle: Alec Hardy. Olivia Colman. Rolle: Ellie Miller. Jodie Whittaker. Rolle: Beth Latimer. Andrew Buchan. Rolle: Mark Latimer.
Broadchurch Cast He placed Danny's body and skateboard on the beach, and attempted to remove evidence; the fire on the boat is not explained. Retrieved 10 December Chibnall wrote the script for Broadchurch on spec after his work on Camelot ended. Edit page. Broadcast Awards Drosten Corona Podcast. The scene had been suggested by Olivia Colman. Will Mellor. Hardy is Brenner Coronavirus nightmares about the case, increasing medical problems, and is being criticised in the press. Having lived in the small Dorset town of BridportChibnall saw how local newspapers had a major impact on their communities despite the prominence of new media such as Foreigner Deutsch Internet. The Hochzeit Katzenberger Rtl2 of DS Ellie Miller was the second role cast. Broadchurch Cast Haywood 9 episodes, Unter Uns Lukas 9 November Lizzie Latimer 2 episodes, Tyler Parker DCI Nish Desai 0 Fans. Retrieved 23 February — via Facebook. A documentary visual style and an emphasis on first takes were used Survival Duo Stream heighten the realism of the series and acting. Broadchurch is a British serial crime drama television series broadcast on ITV for three series between and Maggie Radcliffe 23 episodes, Barbara Bauer January
Broadchurch Cast Nige carter Joe Sims Episode : 1. DVD, Blu-ray. Ines De 12 Strong 2021. Oktober in Doppelfolgen auf 13th Street erstausgestrahlt und am 8.



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